Video Games Cheat Sheets

Video Games Cheat Sheets

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Selfie 10

Precision Photography Tips for Selfie Buffs

If you consider yourself a selfie buff, this article features a number of precise tips that will help you capture better self-portraits. The selfie craze has dominated our society, obviously fueled by trends in social media. New social networks such as Instagram enable users to capture photos on the go and share them with friends, fans and followers. More social networks, including snapchat and Facebook, also have a big heart for well-captured photos.

  • Filter it – every portrait, magazine cover photo or wedding photo that you see in a high-end magazine has been retouched to enhance it and make it look better. That’s precisely why you shouldn’t be afraid to get creative and practice some filtering on your best photos. The good news is that there are scores of apps that will just make photo editing much less of a headache for you. If you’re using an android smartphone to take your selfies, simply jump over to the Google Play Store and you’ll have more filtering apps than you can have time to use. If you’re on iPhone or Windows Phone on the other hand, you’ll get enough apps in the respective apps store. When filtering photos though, it’s important that you don’t overdose. You don’t need to make that cool face photo of yourself look like it’s just been processed by a plastic surgeon.
  • The Right Angle – the angle is everything when it comes to photography. Choose the wrong angle and you won’t get it right. Most times, and especially with selfies, taking a photo from above does the trick. But don’t position your forehead or chin in a strange way. It’s all about balance. Be cool, keep the camera at an angle that’ll provide a great capture of both yourself and the background, and then hit the capture button. It might also help if you can squint your eyes a little bit. As Tyra banks often calls it, ‘smile with your eyes’.
  • Monopod – a monopod is also popularly referred to as a selfie stick. A monopod is a must have accessory if you’re looking to take superb selfies. Monopods are extendable poles that hold your smartphone on one end, and provide a remove shutter near the other end. This way, you’re easily able to exercise different angles and take photos at different lengths. You’ll thus be able to take better selfies! Monopods are affordable and available on most major retail stores, including Amazon.
PS4 User Interface Cheat Sheet

PlayStation 4 User Interface Cheat Sheet

Sony released the PS4 video gaming console over a year ago. More than 14 months down the line, the PS4 is still the best console for gamers who’re looking to make the best out of powerful graphics hardware and fast video processing. For users who’ve however just laid their hands on new PS4 consoles, here are a number of PS4 UI Cheat sheets that they can put them a step ahead.

  • You can log in to your console via the facial recognition feature. However, to do this, you’ll need the PS Eye camera accessory. You also have to be holding the DualShock controller and then follow the simple instructions that the PS shows.
  • You can leverage the motion sensors in-built in the DualShock 4 controllers to key in characters on the on-screen keyboard.
  • You can resolve the PS4 overheating issue using a good PS4 stand such as this vertical stand.
  • Each trophy on your PS4 has a ‘rarity’ value attributed to it. This value will be dynamically updated.
  • You are able to send messages to other PS4 users, PS-Vita users and more so PS3 users. This helps you create a vibrant community of video gamers. You also are able to add up to 15 seconds of voice to each message you send to a PlayStation 4 user, as well as attach screen caps.
  • When you’re streaming your gameplay, there’s just no time limit. You get to broadcast for as long as you want.
  • You can utilize the party chat feature, which works for up to 8 people, inclusive of Vita users.
  • The PlayStation 4 is easily able to upload and/or download data. The device will also recharge your DualShock 4 controller via USB connection, while on standby mode.
  • If you’re looking to access the app you most recently used, you need to double-tap on the PS button.
  • While sharing content from your console, you can create groups of contacts with whom to share. For instance, you can define a group called ‘Facebook friends’.
Game Cheats Sites

5 Best Websites for Video Games Cheat Sheets

Looking to play the market-leading video games? You ultimately have to arm yourself with a video gaming console. Luckily, Sony’s PS4 is the best video gaming console available in the market, and there are many good reasons for that. The Xbox One is also an impressive console, closely rivaling the Sony PS4. If you are using the PlayStation 4, you ultimately have to get a PS4 stand, or a cooling accessory for that matter, to stop the device from overheating and all the same tackle the common overheating problem. The Xbox One will also need some accessories before it can work well. Whatever video gaming console you buy though, you’ll need good video games cheat sheets to make the best out of it all.

  • Super Cheats – this is the number one video gaming cheat sheets websites available on the World Wide Web. Super Cheats features a variety of resources that will enrich your entire video gaming experience and as well make you a better gamer.
  • IGN – this is not just a video games cheat sheet website, it also features a lorry-load of articles, how-to guides and other important manuals that explain the PS4 and a number of other gaming consoles in details. You can never get it wrong with IGN.
  • Game Genie – you probably have come across this one while trying to search for gaming resources online. You get a wealth of posts that will make you the master of your favorite games. Check out Game Genie before you even try the PS4 launch games! You’ll be happy you did!
  • Top Game Cheats – as the name suggests, this website is the get-it-all hub. You get tons of video game cheats, tricks, tips and codes. You also get multiple hints if you’re looking to especially share your gaming prowess with other gamers, friends or colleagues. Top Game Cheats gives you more than you can even stomach.
  • Total Cheats – this is one of the latest kids on the black, but ultimately a kick-ass new site. Total Cheats features a collection of the latest video gaming cheats for a number of devices including Sony’s PS2, PS4 and PS4, Xbox One, GameCube, Nintendo Wii, Gameboy, PC and a host of other gaming devices. If you’re looking for a hypermarket for video gaming cheats, Total Cheats might as well end your search right away.

These great websites have more than what you need to keep it pro with your favorite video games!

Grand theft auto cheats

PC Cheat Sheets for Grand Theft Auto 3

Cheats are a great way to accomplish a certain level of achievement in video games much faster. In this post, we highlight a number of popular cheats for Grand Theft Auto.

Grand Theft Auto 3

Grand Theft Auto 3 opens up a global universe of adventurous action. Developed by British video and computer games company DMA Design Ltd, this is indisputably one of the best PC games available around anyw0here. Here are some Grand Theft auto cheats.

  • Wanted Level (Down)

To go to your down wanted level, you have to follow this combination of buttons while your game is ongoing – R2, R2, L1,R2, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down. This will effectively take you where you need to be.

  • Enhance Driving Skills

To enhance your driving skills and make a much better drive, you can use the following keys combo, R1, L1, R2, L1, Left, R1, R1, Triangle.

  • Pump Gore

This is a cheat that helps you enhance the abundance of stick sticky icky gore. Simply key in the following combination – Square, L1, Circle, Down, L1, R1, Triangle, Right, L1, X.

  • Raise Wanted Level

If for some reason you need to raise the wanted level, key in the following combination – R2, R2, L1, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left.

  • Normal Weather

Who doesn’t love normal weather while they go about their everyday bustle? To alter the weather to normal, use the following combo during gameplay – L1, L2, R1, R2, R1, L2, Triangle.

  • Change Costumes

You might want to change Game costumes.

So how do you just do that? Well, it isn’t as hard as you might contemplate. Navigate – Right, Down, Left, Up, L1, L2, Up, Left, Down, Right.

  • Causing a Riot
Rambo Pro tips

Rambo Video Game Pro Tips

Playing the Rambo video game? Well, it can be a little tough if you don’t have months or weeks of experience. In which case, I have a number of pro tips that you can make use of.

  • Stuck in a Jam

If you’re stuck in jam, you’ll find it quicker to switch to your secondary weapon rather than have to patiently wait for the reload jam to clear.

  • Missing Link

If you kill incidental background enemies, you can significantly elevate your scores and chain kills.

  • Demolition Dummy

If you want to boost your multiplier and score, go ahead and destroy environmental elements.

  • Quick Draw

Make a point of keenly looking for enemy clusters and when you find them, eliminate them as quickly as you can to reduce the damage threat and as well achieve chain kills.

  • Time wasters

You’ll find that ammunition is unlimited in wrath mode. Make a point to only use it during emergencies so that you avoid overload.

  • Wrath Replenish

You’ll find it much more interesting to target explosive environment objects so that you eliminate surrounding enemies and as well enhance your Wrath bar and increase your chain kills.

  • Divide and Conquer

You may use varying line-of-site made possible by cover to kill enemies in the order of threat level.

  • Perfect pair

For the best results, contemplate on how your skills and the perks will merge during gameplay. This will help you take the advantage position.

  • Over steer

In the options menu, go ahead and tweak the type and aiming sensitivity.

  • Know yourself

You may tailor your perks and skills towards your in-game personal goals.

Lego Marvel Cheat Sheet

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Game Cheats for the PS4 & PS3

Are you a video gaming pro, or rather – addict? You’ll definitely need to acquaint yourself with the latest and most popular video gaming cheats to be the best at what you do during your free time. Most video games lovers spend hours on end playing their favorite games. With the right cheats, you can achieve each objective much faster and easily. The LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is one of the most popular games across the divide. That’s why, precisely, this article is dedicated to LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Game cheats for the PlayStation consoles.

Cheat Codes for the PS4

Pause the game play, choose the ‘Extras’ item, and then select the ‘Enter Code’ option. This done, enter one of the codes below so as to activate the respective cheat functionality.

  • H8CSE6 – Classic Thor
  • Q5X1J5 – Iron Patriot
  • B7AA3K – Hydra Soldier
  • UZFBG4 – Studs x2

Cheat Codes for the PlayStation 4

Just like with the PS4, you have to follow a similar step to activate the cheat function on this console. Pause the game you’re playing, navigate to ‘Extras’, select ‘Enter Code’, and then feed in one of the codes listed below.

  1. Q5X1J5 – Iron Patriot
  2. UZFBG4 – Studs x2
  3. B7AA3K – Hydra Soldier
  4. H8CSE6 – Classic Thor
Video Gaming Cheats

Video Gaming Cheat Sheet

The Cheat makes the video games more interesting and fun. The Cheat code helps you complete tough mission successfully.  In order to open the incredible Cheat console during gaming, press (ctrl) + (shift) +C. After opening the cheat console type the word ‘Testing cheat enabled’ to test cheats on several objects wile gaming. After enabling the cheat codes, you can use the cheats below while gaming:

  • Help –This assists in displaying most cheat during video gaming.
  • Kaching – This text brings a thousand more Simoleons while gaming.
  • Motherlode – The cheat code is just like the Kaching but it brings fifty thousand more Simoleons in you game.
  • Shazaam – This text avails 2500 lifetime points so that the Sim can be activated.
  • Freerealestate – This cheat code helps you assume the cost while purchasing a plot.
  • Modify traits – This code aids in setting or clearing the traits in you games.
  • Add to household – This text adds Sim to the household.
  • Set age – The text assists a gamer in setting the age of the active Sim.
  • Edit in cas – It takes a Sim back to the create a Sim.
  • Set career level – This code gives an active Sim some career.
  • Force opportunity – Click through the career to build you work in to enforce an opportunity.
  • Force visitor – This cheat code makes a neighbour show up in your door step.
  • Make happy – This cheat code removes negative moods and brings perfect and jovial moodlets for each and everyone within the house.
  • JokePlease – The code helps in printing random jokes meant for consoling.
  • TestingCheatsenabled – This text enables one to test the cheats provided.
  • SlowmotionViz (0-8) – The cheat code helps you apply the slow motion visuals. 8 is the slowest while 0 is normal.
  • Make motives (dynamic or static) – The cheat code helps one to set dynamic and static motives for the whole households.

Move objects – There are no limitations for moving/placing objects.